Small things make a big difference


… more than 50 years of experience!


Because our know how and our experience are completly put at the disposal of our customers, our actions, advices and products are the result of our vision which materializes in the full satisfaction of our customers!

more than 50 years of experience !

Our know how today enables us to supply micromechanicals parts up to the highest Swiss quality standard.
As per our multi-factories organisation, each one with a speciality, we are able to supply the services below:

Small volumes and prototypes

Small volumes and prototypes (from 1 to 100 parts), in diameters between 1 mm (.039’’) and 60 mm (2.36’’) by CNC turning and between 300mm (11.81’’) and 1000 mm (39.37’’) by CNC milling, in less than 10 days of lead time;

Medium volumes

Medium volumes (from 1000 up to 100 000 parts), in diameters between 1 mm (.039’’) to 42 mm (1.65’’), for complex parts on CNC machines;

High volumes

High volumes (from 200 000 up to millions of parts), in diameters between 0,1 (.004’’) up to 10 mm (.39’’), by conventional lathes.



The most advanced technologies are more and more used in the renewable energies to realize products able to improve our everyday life and to protect our environment …


Thanks to our precise and meticulous capabilities, we have the reputation as a rigorous and quality supplier …


We have built a core focus in dental and orthopedic tooling, implants, pacemakers, instrumentation, and endoscopic systems …


We are able to supply parts made from copper alloys, aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloys such as kovar and invar …


The transportation industry has always been one of the highest demanding sector of high-precision components…