DIVISA PRECISION was established in Geneva in 1961 to meet an increasing demand in the micromechanical components.

Since its creation the company has been specializing in supplying small parts in particular for the watch-making industry, electronic and medical applications. Following the technological developments in these fields, the company has developed a know how in supplying parts of medium size, in particular to answer the requests of the defense and aircraft industries and the industrial applications.
Our developpement is focused in every market sector or product family that requests reliability, technical support, and quality in precision, dimensions and finishing.
Our headquarters are located in Geneva along with our administration staff, sales, R&D, quality and logistic services.

In 1984 DIVISA PRECISION established a sales office in the USA in order to answer to the increasing demand of the American customers and strengthen our after-sales support.
The Company has several longterm partnerships with high quality standard companies enabling to offer the highest quality Swiss standard in machining, coatings and finishings. In addition we continuosly improve our technical skills giving us the possibility to offer high quality technical support and a cost reduction suggestions.
All our productions follow the quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 9100 and ISO 13485. We can integrate the highest inspection specifications and packing and/or cleaning for all the machined products.